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WV Plants for Bees Slide Presentation

It is important for a beekeeper to know his plants. Honey bee colony health depends on the quality of what the bees obtain from foraging and everything that happens in a colony is directly related to what happens in the plant community. So a beekeeper's profitability...

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WV Pollen Project Final Outreach Report

Click on the image  below to view the West Virginia Pollen Project's results. The Northeast SARE Final Report will be available from the NE SARE web site in the near future. WV Pollen Project 2015 Final Outreach Report Most of the nutrients bees require to thrive come...

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Your own definition of “Raw Honey”

The definition of raw honey has not been nationally established so the average person needs to look at the facts and develop their own. In commercial processing honey is typically "flash-heated" to around 160 degrees F which has been shown to reduce the quality of...

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