Pollen Pellet Identification Services

The importance of pollen to honey bees, from which they derive most of their needed nutrients, cannot be over emphasized. Do you know from which plant types your bees are collecting pollen at each time of year? Are your bees facing nutritional stress at the same time as they are facing high varroa pressure?

After spending over 500 hours on the WV Pollen Project in 2015, I would like to use the experience gained to answer further questions from beekeepers and researchers regarding their honey bees’ foraging habits. If you would like to have honey bee pollen pellets analyzed to identify the plant type(s) present, you need simply mail the pollen sample with a completed Pollen Sample Record Sheet and payment of $80 to the address below. $80 covers preparation of samples and performing analysis. Additional supplies may be needed.


Pollen Sample Record Sheet (click to open and download)


If you are investigating the foraging behavior of honey bees, I strongly recommend you follow the standard protocols developed for the West Virginia Pollen Project in 2015. Download the “Pollen Collection Protocols” pdf document and follow it carefully. This process is designed to provide an accurate snapshot of pollen intake on the date that the sample was collected (quantitative analysis of the pollen types present).

Pollen Collection Protocols for investigating honey bee foraging. Click to view and download.

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